The Big Question

As I said,

 God will judge all people by their actions... 

that is, whether or not they kept His Standard.



because of the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ,

who, like the stunt double, died in our place,

God offers us a way out of this final judgment.

At the final judgment,

when you are measured against God's Standard,

and you are found lacking,

if your trust is in Jesus, then He will stand at your defense

 and in your place and His perfect life will count on your behalf.

You will be saved from judgment. 

 This is called salvation

 because we are saved from damnation at the final judgment.


As you have seen, you are a sinner, and if you were to stand before this judgment now, you would turn up short, gravely short.

Yet, God has acted graciously on your behalf.


The question you should ask now is: "How will I respond? 

  • Do you believe in what Jesus did for you?
  • Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, come to save you?
  • Do you believe that He died for your sins, but that God raised Him to life again?
  • Do you want to stand without Jesus at the final judgment?
  • Do you accept Jesus as your Savior and King?



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