Measuring up

Right now you may be asking questions like:


  • What standard do I set for myself?
  • How many times have I lived up to that standard?
  • How many times have I not?


If you are completely truthful with yourself, you'd have to admit failure. Perhaps not complete failure. Maybe you came very close to the standards you set for yourself.

But you haven't kept them completely. You had good intents to keep your standards, but things just didn't work out the way you planned.


As the saying goes, its human to err. Not fulfilling your own standards is part of what it means to be human. We try, but sometimes in trying, we fail. The question is -- what to do with these failures, that seem to just keep adding themselves to previous failures. What to do?

And, knowing that by your own standards you are lacking, you could further ask:

"Is it even possible to keep Gods Perfect Standardwhen I can't even keep my own?"



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