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b_200_150_16777215_0_0_images_stories_jesus_teaches_in_the_synagog.jpgEvery year during Holy Week we have celebrated a Christian Passover meal in our congregations. It started our in our small group with 10 people and has grown over the years to nearly 100.

The interest is great. I've given lectures on several occasions and have been asked by pastors to give them the material, so they can hold Christian Passover meals in their congregations.

For this purpose I have made this page. The materials here are all in Latvian.

 What is the Feast of Passover?

You can read about the Passover feast in Exodus,  Chapters (1-11), 12-13 and Luke 22: 1-46. “On the night He was betrayed” Jesus celebrated Passover's feast with his deciples and transformed it into Holy Communion. The Feast of Passover is the way Hebrews remember their Exodus from Egypt by following an old feast arrangement called the Seder, eating special dishes and singing certain prayers and songs.

The feast has a solemn and joyous character, as this spring festival means freedom from slavery for Jews. The center of the feast is the unfermented bread and wine reminiscent of the Passover lamb, which, shed its own blood, freeing the Hebrew people from Pharaoh and slavery. The unfermented bread and wine we partake in Holy Communion are the flesh and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it is recalled that He poured out His blood to free us from the devil and sin.

The feast has a liturgical character, where much is done, enjoyed, told and read in a certain order. We will also sing and dance. The feast is long and can last up to 4-5 hours.

The Holiday dinner is around the middle of the event, so be prepared to eat only symbolic snacks until then. It's a tradition to fast the whole day before Passover so that holiday dinner tastes the better. If you are fasting, know that the Lenten feast for the duration of Passover will be canceled.

The seats will be predetermined, so if there are any you want to be with, please make it known.

Passover materials:

Here is the material below if you want your copy. If you take part in the Passover event, all the material will already be provided.

  1. Christian haggadah (Latvian)
  2. Table setting
  3. Passover recipes

Passover songs

Pashas video

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