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Stacking it up

Frank Sinatra once sang a song about doing it "My Way".


That reminds me of a quote from the movie, The Princess BrideFezig-the-Giant bemusedly exclaims:

"My way, oh good! ... Which was my way?"

You should ask yourself:

"Do I have a standard of good & bad,
right & wrong that I try to live by?"

If you are honest with yourself, I am sure that you do have a set of value judgments.


And going further you can ask:

"Do I live up to the very standards I set for myself?"



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Let me in!

It seems to be a popular assumption...

...that to get into heaven...

...you must live a good moral life.


But is that so?...

...Can living a "good life" get me into heaven?...

...If you believe the answer to this question is 'yes',

then you must establish the meaning

of "good life".

Therefore ask yourself:...

 ...What are the requirements of a good life...

...and more importantly, 

who will judge my life

 to see if I meet those requirements?



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Open sesame

Life is full of minimum requirements:


We are all used to the fact that nothing in this life comes for free. Everything has a pricetag. Everything has some sore of minimum requirement.

For example

  • Minimum scores on entrance exams to get into a college or university;
  • Minimum job-related experience to gain employment;
  • Computers have minimum operation requirements of RAM and disk space to work properly;
  • Heck, even amusement parks have minimum height requirements to enjoy some of the faster rides!

Sowhat are the minimum requirements to get into heaven?


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FAQ: How to get into heaven

Have you ever heard that the only stupid question is the one not asked?

Well, someone once asked me:

"If God really loves me, why would He send me to hell?"


Its a good question.  It needs to be asked.

It seems to be a natural assumption that a loving God

 could not possibly send any one to hell because

it would be cruel and inhumane.


I mean, God would only send evil people to hell, right?


? ?  ?


But is this the best question to ask?

Maybe this question should be set on it's ear and be
asked the other way around.


Instead of asking why God would send you to hell,

try it from another perspective:


"What have I done so great that God should

allow me into heaven?"




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How do you see God?

man question markMy dean has said that in life people look to God in one of three ways.

1. They see GOD as DEBTOR.

As if He is in debt to us. God owes me a good life, good health, lots of wealth or whatever. But Jesus says "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto thee."

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